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As a Memphis real estate investing specialist, is a leading provider of discount investment property in emerging, undervalued markets.  While we at times offer investment opportunities nationally, our primary are of concentration right now is the West Tennessee area, specifically Memphis. Memphis offers all of the components necessary to maximize the power of an investor’s purchasing dollar, including low prices, positive cash flow, high equity positions, and a large pool of rental applicants from which to choose. Do you have an interest in Memphis real estate investing? You have come to the right place. has established infrastructure in West Tennessee to help investors around the country to have a headache free Memphis real estate investing experience without having to micromanage their properties. These relationships include quality property management companies reliable licensed construction teams, insurance and finance specialists, and REO/Loss Mitigation specialists that can also act is property acquisition consultants.

Our article and knowledge base as well as our property gallery will provide you with plenty of information to get started.  Why Pay Retail?

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Deconstructing the Myth of Financial Independence:

A Deeper Look at ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ Theory

Operating on ‘Level III’ Thinking

Written by Robert Feol, for the Baltimore Real Estate Investor’s Association

‘Chance Favors the Prepared Mind…’

- Louis Pasteur

Sitting at my camp in the Adirondack Mountains, having done my radio broadcast from the actual property(not a studio), and based on the massive response I have been receiving from the listeners, has me thinking today about the true cost of financial freedom, which I believe, is THE reason that people look at real estate investing as an avenue of exploration.

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Make Sure You Know The True Price of Your Journey Before You Commit To Paying The Cost

Robert Feol, expert real estate investor, examines the TRUE price of leaving your day job…

This past Saturday was a pretty big day for my radio show, Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing.  After a successful year on the #1 am talk radio station in Memphis, 600 WREC we moved to a smaller station to tweak a new, 2 hour format.  This also went well, but we were recently invited back to WREC to take a permanent 2 hour afternoon slot on a Saturday.  An honor in itself, we were also very thankful to be moved to the afternoon spot(syndicated programming) as opposed to the morning slot(block programming – think infomercials.)

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Why Are YOU Paying Retail?

Robert Feol answers a radio program listener’s question…

From time to time I get very interesting questions from radio listeners after a program airs.  Here is a request for information that came in this weekend.  I refuse to pay full price for ANYTHING – now, SOMETIMES(like, for example, if I am doing a hobby project and need to buy on impulse to get something done) I will go and purchase from a store, but for the most part, we rarely if EVER do that.  EVERYTHING is checked to see if we have a coupon, or can go to a competitor, or purchase online.

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Discount Property Warehouse offers the best in Memphis real estate investing and is proud to help you with your investment property needs.

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